Tiny Home Hookup 240 to 120?

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Tiny Home Hookup 240 to 120?

So, some background. I came into owning a Tiny Home through a series of fortunate events. It currently only has access to power because I have a extension cord pulled from a garage outlet. The house is wired. Everything leading into the box is wired for 120 but leaving the box is an RV hookup which is 240? So the actual question is this. What are my options to getting the house actually wired in for electric? Do we need to have an RV hookup put in some how or can the 'guest' house be wired into the Main House? I'm just wondering how to get this to be a functional office/craft/additional living space since its here.

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Welcome to the forums.

We have 120v/240v in this country.

You said the little house is currently running on 120v.... why do you think you need 240v ?
Does the little house have a cord and plug attached to it ?
If yes... you most likely need a 120v 30A RV receptacle.

The type/model of plug may be listed on it. If not... post a picture of it for us.

You may have an RV to standard plug adapter on. This would be a 120v 30A RV plug.....
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Nominal voltages are 120v and 240v.
but leaving the box is an RV hookup which is 220?
Do you mean a 120/240 volt RV connection? Does the home have a breaker panel? Is it a 120/240 breaker panel?

120/240 RV inlet

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(Note the 125/250 on the inlet refers to max voltage but nominal it is used for is 120/240.

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If this tiny house is sitting independently, not on wheels, it will need the same treatment as any other building. It will need a subpanel with proper wiring from a source such as your house. It is quite possible local code may require a separately metered drop for the house, depending on how they classify it.

Fill out your profile so we can know where you are located. Much information is based on that.
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You can go either way 120 or 240 with your tiny trailer. A source for 120 will be easier to find as there are outlets almost everywhere as every home and business has them. The drawback is that you will be limited to 15 amps or if you get lucky 20 amps. If you leave the trailer served by 240 then you can get 30 amps service though sources of power are much more rare.

You did not complete your profile information so we don't know where you are located. Does the trailer have air conditioning? If so I would say that tilts the decision to 240. If there is no AC then you could go with 120 which would be more than enough for a TV and some lights.

Getting the house wired with a RV 240 outlet is as easy as calling an electrician. First thing they will probably do is look at your breaker panel to see if you have two empty slots on top of each other. That will allow room to install a new 240 breaker for your RV service. Then the next issue is getting a wire from the breaker panel to where you want the outlet installed. Where your panel is located and where you want the outlet located will have a big affect on how much it costs. Also affecting the cost will be whether or not your home is 2 story as a single story may have the attic available to run the wire while a 2 story will not. A house on a slab will also be more expensive but if you have a crawl space or unfinished basement that would make running the wire easier and less expensive.
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The panel can be fed with 120/240, the single pole breakers will supply the 120 needed for most circuits. The double pole breaker will supply the 240 needed for larger loads like A/C. There is no converter needed to step down the voltage.
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The OP has told us that the little house is wired. So we need to hear from her what the connection method is since she currently has it connected to a standard 120v receptacle in the garage.

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