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I live in a smll 1000 sq ft house built on slab. Crawlspace is not accesible. This weekend a ran 3 cable lines to each room of the house - from my satellite through the attic and then down through the walls. I've never said the F word more times in my life! My electrical situation is 2 prong outlets throughout most of the house. The question is; Is it worth my time and money and *****ing to ground all of my outlets. When I go to sell my house is this a major consideration in the buyers eye? Is there a difference in asking price if my house is completely grounded? Sorry for the long post!
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Probably not worth trying to ground the existing stuff, especially since your access is limited. You may want to put ungrounded GFI's on the first outlets in the circuits (marked as such) for a little added safety. Any new outlets should be run back to the panel and grounded.

The buyer's inspector may note the ungrounded circuitry in his report, but I doubt the buyer will notice or care that much, so I don't think it'll affect the asking price.
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I agree with AbNORMal, install 3-prong GFCI receptacles in place of existing 2-prongers. NEC requires that all 3-prong receptacles that are ungrounded but GFCI protected must bear a label stating "No equipment Ground". Little stickers are usually included in the GFCI package right off the shelf.

Also, many people don't know or care much about grounding, and usually concentrate on how much they like the house itself or how much they like the house with respect to how much they want to spend to buy one. I didn't bat an eye at mine, which was 130 years old and had a 60 amp fusebox with 2-prongs and Knob & Tube wiring. I have upgraded the service and most of the ungrounded stuff anyway, which a buyer would do or pay to have done if it meant that much to them. I think a leaky roof or even ugly wallpaper mean more to many people than a decent electrical system!

Hope that helps.

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Thanx guys

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