Hot/Neutral Continuity?


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Hot/Neutral Continuity?

I just installed a new outlet for the closet, and branched it off the one on the other side of the wall. Easy job.

Except, once I go to check continuity after boxing it all back up, I get 14.3 ohms across hot/neutral, hot/ground, and neutral/ground. I worked backward to see if I did anything, but the insulation is all in fine shape and my connections are good.
I tore my hair out for a little bit, and then since it is an AFCI breaker, I took a deep breath and flipped it anyway. My test lamps all lit up just fine and the breaker stays put.

I have never seen this, is it possible this is the Siemens AFCI outlet is giving me false continuity readings?
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Except for guru experts, it is not useful to touch one meter probe to a hot terminal and the other probe to the neutral terminal and try to do a continuity test.

Don't forget, never test for resistance or continuity until after you turn off the power.

For now assume that the 14.3 ohm reading you got means absolutely nothing.

Yes you should get about 120 volts from hot to neutral with or without a hair dryer plugged in and switched on. (You can measure at the other half of your duplex receptacle; voltage may vary a coupl'a volts.)
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Welcome to the forums.

Thank goodness the power was off when you used the ohms/continuity scale or you could have destroyed your meter.

You cannot measure resistance into a GFI or AFCI device. If you think you have a short in a circuit and you want to use an ohmmeter.... the wiring must be removed from the breaker/protective device for any type of meaningful measurement.
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The continuity reading of 14 ohms means that there is something plugged in and turned on in that circuit, most likely a transformer or power supply of an always-on device like a clock radio or TV.
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