Hot Tub Disconnect woes


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I am trying to complete the electrical wiring for a hot tub to be installed on an outdoor deck. I have a dual pole 50A circuit breaker in the breaker box and indoor 6/3 wire. The total distance from the box to the spa will be about 100 ft. 75 ft indoors and the last 25ft I'll run in conduit outside. So what's the problem? I'm having trouble finding/installing the right Disconnect. The closest thing I can find (@ Home Depot) is a 60 Amp Disconnect for an Air Conditioner. I'm told this should be fine, since the disconnect is there for safety and the 50A breaker in box will trip if necessary. I bought a Cutler-Hammer 60A Two Pole A/C Disconnect. However, upon getting it home and taking a closer would appear that this disconnect is for 2 conductor wire, not 3.

So I guess I have two questions:
1 - Does someone make a Disconnect specifically for a Hot tub? and where can I find/order one?
2 - Failing #1 will the A/C disconnect work and what is the right one to look for?

Thank you
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Often a breaker is installed inside the hot tub. This could serve as your form of disconnect. If the breaker is not in your hot tub then the AC disconnect is fine to use just by wire nutting the neutral inside the disconnect and landing the bare wires to the grounding bar of the disconnect. You want to do it properly then add a second bare isolated by plastic or other non conductive material from the metal of the disconnect box and use this second bar as your neutral bar. Most ac disconnects have a place to add a neutral bar as an accessory the that disconnect.

By the way they do make a disconnect with both a neutral bar and a grounding bar but it most likely will be called a non fused disconnect with a disconnect arm on the side of the disconnect. Remember this disconnect must be rated as weatherproof.

Just remember to keep that disconnect 10' away from the hot tub.

At the disconnect you must change to a wire that is approved for a wet location such as THWN or TW. Your inside type NM cable is not approved for use in a conduit exposed to the weather.

Good Luck

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Is this a Residential set-up?

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