Hydro Bill Skyrockets, Possible Reasons?


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Hydro Bill Skyrockets, Possible Reasons?

Im unsure if this is the right forum to be on but im desperate.

So, in October of last year our hydro consumption was roughly 700 kWh's now this year October it was around 2000kWh's (slowly increases each month). We've had somebody from the hydro company come check out the meter and supposedly its functioning as intended.

We have 2 computers and 2 tv's. We turn off the computers at night. We also have a dishwasher. The house is gas heated. Other then that we use energy efficient light bulbs.

Does anybody know what could of possibly caused this, a loose wire or something is my hypothesis any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sincerely, Alex

PS This is a 80 y/o house we moved into last October. The kitchen and one bedroom was redone. Also outside extension torn down.

Edit Anything at all would help

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Welcome to the forums! From your terminology I can gather you are not from the US or Canada. Filling out your profile will help us know where you are located.

How is the insulation on the house? By tearing down an addition, did you expose that wall to inordinate cold or heat with poor insulation?
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I would think a loose wire/connection would more likely heat up and burn the place down than increase your consumption

Chandlers missing insulation hypothesis is a great first thing to check.

Where are you located - and is it cold? Wondering if your furnace (the blower part) is running more than usual - and what kind of motor is it (older PSC motor or a new ECM aka brushless)?

You could install a home energy meter to check your whole house consumption but it may be more $$ than it's worth. If you're electronically inclined and have a 'smart meter' you can build your own that reads the IR pulses off the meter (each pulse = 1kw consumption) but that's a whole other project. I've done this and it works well.
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A fridge or freezer that is going bad can cause a steady increase like that. If the freon level is slowly dropping the unit will have to run harder to keep food cold. Bad seals on the door can also cause it to run too much. If the coils are dirty it can be a problem, so check that too. A plug-in style Kill-A-Watt meter can be very useful to see how much energy the fridge uses per day.

Do you have an electric water heater? That can be a very large electricity consumer, especially if it is going bad. If there is a hidden leak in a hot water line somewhere it can cause the water heater to run constantly. If the thermostat is stuck on it will significantly overheat the water and use a large amount of energy.

One diagnostic technique is to go outside and watch the meter spin. Turn off your breakers one by one to see which ones have the biggest decrease in meter spin. This will at least let you focus on those circuits which are consuming the most.
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Hydro power is a Maple Leaf Term. Member is in Ontario.

You don't have a gas furnace combined with a heat pump do you. Is it a simple forced air gas furnace or is it a boiler.

How is the insulation on the house?
He says he has gas heat so insulation wouldn't be a major factor would it?
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Is your water heater gas or electric? Are you using any space heaters?
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He says he has gas heat so insulation wouldn't be a major factor would it?
Forced air fan could run excessively if too cold or hot. Just trying to throw reasons out there for an increase in electrical usage.
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Has your gas bill gone up too? If the heater is running more, you'll likely be using more gas too.

Any possibility you were using some air conditioning this year? With the weather patterns all screwy, I know we had some unseasonably hot weather in October.
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I once experienced something similar and my water heater was the culprit.

If your water heater is electric with a small leak that's been growing over time, you would constantly be heating water and using more "hydro" as time passed. Of course, if you're on a municipal water supply you would have seen that bill go up also, but if you have well water odds are you wouldn't notice.

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