New construction wiring questions


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New construction wiring questions

OK I'm a bit confused. I'm presently doing all the wiring on my new house. I am running a circuit for a small bath that has a bit of a unique situation. I hope I can list it all clearly so you might help me.

I ran power in to the first GFCI recepticleto the line side. I took power off that and ran to a 3 gang box to the vanity light switch. Next I went to the same GFCI recepticle and came off the load side and carried power to the only other recepticle so it too would be protected. Then off the load side of that recepticle I ran protected power back into the 3 gang box to connect to the bath fan switch and the over shower light switch. Thus protecting those 2 devices.

So here is my question. Within the 3 gang box of course I tied the neutrals and grounds for the 2 protected devices, But I am assuming I have to isolate the 2 connected neutrals for the vanity light unprotected switch. I hope this makes sense. If I have it correct can I do this per NEC. My thought was to protect all things in this very small bath but not set myself up so if the GFCI kicked and it was dark I would not have light. Thanks for your help and time. Jim

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We're confused too.

You have a single gang box with a GFI receptacle in it.
You have a three gang box that will have three switches in it.
You have another single gang box with a standard receptacle in it.

Is this correct ?

Or is it a three gang box with a receptacle and two switches ?
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Yes. Anything that is not GFCI protected will need to be kept separate from the wires that are GFCI protected.
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Ok maybe my explanation was confusing. Here is what I have; bathroom; 1-20a circuit; 1GFCI on one wall which is where I brought power in. From that power I of course pigtailed to the line side of this first GFCI. Then I took the power across the room to the 3 gang box with 3 switches. I wanted the first of those switches/device (vanity lights) to not be protected. Next I went back to that first GFCI recepticle and came off the load side and took that power to another recepticle on the opposite wall. From that 2nd recepticle I came off the load side or since it was a common recepticle that was now protected I used the upper terminals to power the 2 remaining switches in the 3 gang box thus protecting the devices controlled by those switches (over shower and separately a bath fan). So my question was is it NEC OK to connect the neutrals for the non protected vanity light and then separately connect the neutrals for the protected devices all within the same 3 gang box. Does that make sense because they are all on the same breaker. Thanks
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You need to keep the gfi protected neutral separate from the non-gfi neutrals. If you do not the gfi will keep tripping.

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