One light / outlet per breaker


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One light / outlet per breaker

I read once that in some commercial applications it's common to have separate breakers for every outlet and light fixture. I assume the reasoning for this is that if one breaker pops open it won't interrupt power to anything else. Would there be any merit in wiring a house or shop / garage like this? It would seem cost prohibitive for a little more convenience, but can anyone think of a reason to do this?
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Welcome to the forums.

I've never seen a single light on a single breaker. I have seen a single outlet on a single breaker for a dedicated purpose like for a computer, copier or similar.

As far as a house goes.....
It would be extremely wasteful to have everything on it's own breaker.
It would require a lot of unnecessary cable and several breakers panels.
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Most commercial garage door opener manufactures require a single circuit per opener.
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When I built my 16 X 24 shop just for piddling & enjoyment, I had a friend teach me how to wire the breaker panel & all the lights. outlets etc.

On the 24 ft walls, I have 4 - 120 v outlets & one 220 v outlet each.
I have 2 - 120 v outlets one one breaker each. Of course the 220 is on its own double breaker.

On the 16 ft walls, I have 2 - 115 v outlets.
The north wall has one breaker with both 120 v outlets on that breaker. The south wall has one breaker with both 120 v outlets on that breaker.

In the ceiling, I have 4 - 48" shop lights & 4 - outlets... yes in the ceiling..... cause that's what I wanted..... so I could hang a electrical extension cord reels from the ceiling for convenience.
I have 2 - outlets & 2 - florescent lights on one breaker & the other two outlets & lights on another breaker.

Why? Cause that what I wanted. My friend couldn't believe that I wanted to spend the extra money for a panel box that size, buy that many more breakers & that much extra romex to do it this way. I know he understood why I wanted to do it that way, but, it was no point in it. It wasn't worth the extra expense when it could have been done for probably 1/2 the money, but....... that's the way I want it.
Safer? Maybe not. Less load on each outlet etc? Maybe, but its over kill... but, its the way I wanted it.

Will a $15,000 Kia be enough to get you back & forth to work? Sure, but I want a $50,000 F250 Platinum 3/4 ton Super Duty 4X4. Why? Cause that's what I want. (I really dont own that truck.. its for example. I dont own a Kia either. I own a Ram 1500 Hemi off road 4X4)

I am in no way over riding the correct answer here. I am NOT an electrician. I know the basics but I have no clue about specifics. Listen to the experts here. I just wanted to share my story & share that you dont NEED it done that way but, if you want it that way, its ok, it just costs more & is over kill. If I am wrong, I expect the professionals here to correct any wrong advice I have provided.

Good luck.......
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I own a Ram 1500 Hemi off road 4X4
that's the way I want it.

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