Cable clamp, not fitting knockout on breaker box....

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Cable clamp, not fitting knockout on breaker box....

Ok guys, I am driving myself insane here! I am installing a brand new square d 100amp breaker box 22 spaces I believe. So I am using a 2/2/2/4 cable and so I got the 1 1/4" clamp. Okay punch the knockout, okay to small...okay take out another ring...okay to big now...okay buy a 1 1/2" clamp now...knockout hole to small okay another big now...

Get the picture?

So I have an exactly 2" hole in the knock out. I go and get a 2" two big for the box even the last ring...

I figured okay, I goofed? I thought I'll move the service line entrance from the side to the top and plug that knockout...

I measure before....non of the knockouts...will punch out to allow the threaded end of a 1 1/4in cable clamp threw the box...

What am I doing wrong???

I admit I am a noob, but every fuse box and breaker box I look at all have just a clamp holding the service line to the box and no odd adapters....

I bought a reduction washer, to attempt to get the 1 1/4in clamp to fit into the to large 2" knockout I made and they won't even slide over the threaded end of the clamp...
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Please post a picture, or post a link, of the fitting you are trying to use. Something does not sound right.
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Also what is the outside diameter of the 1" cable clamp you have?
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Maybe I goofed? That is all I can think of...

This is the knockout that is 2"
Name:  20170216_203915.jpg
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This is it prior to knocking out(identical one on reverse)
Name:  20170216_203940.jpg
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It looks like it will fit in a knock out on the top left corner, fingers crossed!
Name:  20170216_204038.jpg
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I suppose I will just cap the other knockout, its odd because the 1 1/2in I got first would not fit or screw in the proper knockout and the 2nd ring removed it just fell threw..

Here is the connector now went back to 1 1/4..measurement of threaded side just shy of 1 3/4"...
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Not sure why it won't fit a standard knockout.

Get yourself one of these in appropriate size for cable:

Name:  Clamp connector.jpg
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They are called two piece clamp connectors and don't require a lock nut.
The two right angle tabs go inside the box, and the edges of the clamp part prevent it from going into the box. Hole size is not very critical.
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I agree with the others. The sizes should be standard. Some of those multisize KO's can be iffy. (electricians carry doughnuts just for those reasons)

Name:  panel.jpg
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I think that's how they go.... normally.
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ah! Didn't think about those two piece ones!

The hardware store is going to get sick of me returning clamps lol He already said it must be quite the project, third day in a row you've been in here...

I said...hunny...I will be in here every day for the next twenty years lol

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