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I recently purchased a new refrigerator for the kitchen and plugged it into a protected outlet where the old fridge was. The next day, I noticed that the GFCI outlet was tripped. When I went to reset it, I noticed a blue spark and the outlet did not want to reset. I unplugged everything protected by the GFCI outlet, but still did not want to reset. After waiting about half an hour, I was able to reset the outlet and plug everything back in. It has not tripped since it has been about one week. Should I be concerned?
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More than likely there was something on the plug or in the outlet when you changed it out. Whatever was on/in there apparently is no longer there (moisture perhaps?). If it is working now, and the GFCI will test and reset, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

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The spark you experienced was most likely due to the inrush of load from the compressor of your refrig. trying to start when you reset your GFI. When you reset the GFI this also energized that refrig causing the spark due to the heavy load of the compressor trying to start.

There is no Code violation to having a GFI protect the refrig. However if it were me I would run the refrig on a non GFI protected receptacle due to a GFI kicking unknowing to you causing you to lose the food in your refrig due to spoilage. Just a suggestion. The refrig is allowed to be on a dedicated 14 ga 15 amp circuit not GFI protected, or even a 12 ga 20 amp non GFI protected circuit. Just as long as that refrig receptacle is behind the refrig and not serving the kitchen counter area.

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