zapped electronics?


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While troubleshooting some electrical issues, I turned off several of the circuit breakers, turning them on one by one to isolate a particular circuit. Afterwards, I noticed that my VCR (on a two-wire circuit) and microwave (alone on a grounded three wire circuit) had stopped working.

Both were plugged in but turned off. I guess I am not totally surprised that they could have been zapped by a surge, but its never happened in the past and I didn't think that that turning a breaker off and on could cause a damaging surge. Plus I guess I figured that, with the devices off, they would not be affected. I guess I was naive, but...

So, just so I know, what exactly did go wrong?
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First make certain that the circuit on your vcr and the circuit feeding power to the microave is on.

Now is there any display on the vcr to indicate that there is power going to it ? Try plugging something else into the same outlet to make sure it works.

Now there is a couple of other things that you should check some vcr's and some microwaves will not work until the clock is set after a power failure. I have one microwave myself that simply will not function at all until the clock has been set, the same can happen on some vcr's. Assuming that power is at the outlets where these units are pluged in, I would first suspect that the units clock are not reset.
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Thanks! The clock trick worked on the microwave.

As for the VCR, I unplugged it overnight and plugged it back in today. It now appears to work fine. Go figure! I'll have to keep an eye on it.

BTW, will surge protectors provide any level of protection at all on a two-wire, ungrounded circuit? Especially since the VCR is two-wire anyway?


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