Adding Circuits.

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Adding Circuits. I want to add an additional circuit to Adding Circuit. I want to add a circuit to my Breaker Box.
I have enough empty slots for 3 (slimline) breakers. I am using 12-2 Exterior Cable with a 20 amp Circuit Breaker. (Enough for the anticipated circuit load). I have connected the White and Ground wires to the Neutral Bus. The Black wire is connecte to the 20 amp breaker. Power of 120 volts ac is
indicated via multimeter at the box. However, at the far end of the wire run, voltage reading is 0. Except for the obvious
break (open) in the wire, what other conditions can cause this?
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There is usually a groudn wire bus and a neutral bus in teh electrical panel. Bare ground wires to the ground bus, and the neutral wire to the neutral bus. Shouldn't be hard to figure out, just look for where all teh other groudn wires are going and where the other white (neutral) wires are going. Black to output connection on breaker.

You say you are getting 110v between teh breakers output and neutral. Is the black wire connected and screwed tightly in the connection ?

The loss of power at the other end, can only be...

1. bad/poor neutral connection (perhaps you tested to the neutral bar without knowing if that specific neutral wire on that circuit is connected good.

2. bad/poor hot black connection at breaker. Perhaps you tested using the screw on the connection at breaker without knowing if the actual black wire in the conenction is good.

3. Along with that I assume the wires insulation has enough removed that no insulation in actually any of the panels/breaker connections thereby causing no conduction to the wire itself.

4. The other end of the wire is not the first thing after the panel and you haev other plug/switches in between and you have a bad connection there.

At the other end test also between the balck and ground that will tell you if it is the neutral conenction is bad and the hot and groudn is good.


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