Just moved in, can't identify a wall plate thing

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Just moved in, can't identify a wall plate thing

I just moved into a new house, and in the back of the bedroom closet I found a two wall plates.

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The picture on the right is of the top one. It's a phone cable that was plugged into the bottom one. I'm refraining from poking around in there because I don't have any experience and want to avoid getting cooked, so I was hoping someone could tell me at a glance.

Bear in mind that the previous owner of this house was dreadful at DIY (superglued the rubber seal on the washing machine, got wall paint all over the ceiling, used load of crudely broken off 2x4s to mount 10+ clothes hanger rods and bizarre angles, blocked the dishwasher with floor tiles, etc).
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It appears to be phone cable. Not sure what it is plugged into the bottom one, but could be some sort of extension to another location. There is very little danger of getting "cooked" as it is low voltage.
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Because of the latching mechanism on the bottom jack, I'm guessing it might be an interface point to connect new style modular wiring to the old wiring. Or perhaps an alarm connection.

Open up the other box and see what's in there.....
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The bottom one is just a locking modular plate they used to sell at Rat Shack. Nothing special about it, it's not for an alarm because it's a regular RJ14, not a RJ31X.. The top one is a bracket for an old rotary style 4-pin phone receptacle. It does appear to be some kind of homebrewed interface to connect one set of cables to another... But why it was done I haven't a clue. It's far from the worst/ugliest phone kludge I've seen though..

How big is this house? How many phone jacks are around? Does it have an unfinished basement/attic? If you have access, you might be best off running all new phone jacks - especially if you will be getting DSL - because I can tell you right now [comment redacted] You will most likely have problems.

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