Axis of Overkill - 6awg on 30 amp run ?


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Axis of Overkill - 6awg on 30 amp run ?

Between Irene and madness, I installed a 30 amp transfer switch and tied in the most crucial circuits (most important being the outlet for the sump)...

Currently have not needed to use it yet, but on deck is also a long 100 foot SO cable I have to connect to the box. Why so long of SO cord....I wanted the generator far enough from the house as I was concerned about the kids and C02, etc.

Anyhow, I've got a couple holes open in the wall as I recently had to fish out a sealtite to redo something else.

With the access holes open, I plan to run a hardwire for the gen. inlet
I don't know where this inlet will live as I've got some backyard construction planned....

I do plan to just run a 100 footer sealtite and run wire inside before I fish it inside the walls. Am I crazy for running 6 wire ? In my current stash, I have plenty of 6 wire to make the 100 foot run, and have about 70 feet of the 8 wire in the garage.

Here's the thing. I don't know where the inet will be due to backyard planned construction, so I'm thinking I will just run the entire 100 foot sealtite that it comes in (aka, it's not cut to length but I got a 100 footer box).

- If I use the 8 wire, on the inlet side, the standard nema inlet should take 8 wire direct.

- If I use the 6 wire (box volume aside), If I end up this route, I'll use 3 Polaris connectors and then ~splice~ the wire from 6 wire to a smaller gauge so it will fit into the inlet wire terminals.

I've got three 90 bends on this run, so fishing out to a larger wire down the road should I need is not going to be fun (I'm planning to run the wire in the sealtite and then fish the sealtite in the walls).

Decisions, decisions.
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IF the unit is located out of doors and has plenty of ventilation, why run it 100' away? Tell the kids to stay away from it. The CO will dissipate naturally. Necking down a 6 gauge wire won't accomplish what you think it will as the neck down is your problem point.
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I am not a fan of using wire just because it is on hand. Use the proper sized wire and save the larger wire for another project.

Using the #6 will require up-sizing everything including the sealtight and any boxes or pull points.
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In most cases yes it would be overkill... However in this situation at some point you may want to get a bigger transfer panel and generator that requires a 50A inlet.. That would require #6. As far as the wire size and the terminals on the 30A components, you can get reducing pins versus splicing on smaller wire.. Not sure of the cost difference but they will certainly take up less room than a splice.
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Having the generator 100 feet away should not be summarily ruled out because it might be noisy. But there is the tradeoff of trespassing thieves presenting a threat.

According to my calculations the 6 gauge cable will support 50 amps at 100 feet away.

If you decide to use the 10 gauge wire for futureproofing then the argument about overkill ends.
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You will hate yourself trying to pull through 100 foot of sealtight .
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Suggestion: Build a small protective box on the patio with a louvered sides and a locking door. It could even be incorporated into an island table/cabinet. include a hard wired inlet in it and the 2-foot cord you would need would be a lot cheaper than a hundred footer.

Best to use natural gas if available for the generator so you could run one gas line for both the genny and barbeque.
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As far as I know the Sealtite needs to stamped for direct burial. Even if it was it I wouldn't considering using it for a run of that length. Any pinhole or breach and it would fill with water and rust apart.

I would definitely stay with PVC conduit.

If you do use Sealtite you should insert a pull string before installation. It is next to impossible to get a snake thru curved Sealtite. You'd have to blow or vacuum the line in.
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There is a totally nonmetallic Sealtight. It does need to be listed for direct burial.
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Well, I ended up running the 100 footer on 6 wire....

In my experience, whether it be 8 or 6 in flex, the only way to fish those wires was to lay the damm thing straight, fish/pull the wire through. Just as a test, I laid about 70 feet on the floor with 2 long sweeping 90's, ran a fish tape, pulled a drag a and then tried pulling the wire. Got about 1/3 in and then there was too much tension on the drag.

Regardless, wire pulled and all is good.
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