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Cool Installing sub-panel

Hi all,
Need to install a sub-panel off a 200amp service main panel that will be situated next to each other via 1" pvc conduit from bottom of each. The sub-panel is being installed to accommodate/supply a new hot tub with the manufacturer's recommended 50amp feed. And yes, there is a shut-off box (w/50amp GFCI breaker) being installed 6 foot away from hot tub and completely in line of sight. And yes, I know not to bond the sub.

A couple of questions:
1) Since main is full, I need to remove 2 (probably) breakers currently in the main panel to be relocated to the sub-panel to allow a 70amp breaker as feed for (and shut-off for) the new sub-panel. Is #6 THHN large enough, figuring the four wires needed, i.e. red, black, white and green?

2) Also, since the removal of the 2 breakers from the main (allowing space for the "feed" breaker) will reside in the sub-panel, am I allowed (with code and safety in mind), to add more same gauge wire length to the wires via wire nuts to reach the new location in the sub-panel?

3) I'm under the impression that the new sub-panel will not need its own ground rod due to its location to the main. I'm also under the impression that the hot tub shut-off box should probably have a ground rod of its own. This area, up on the side of a mountain is notorious and horrific, at best, for any kind of digging or attempting to drive an 8 foot stick in the very rocky ground. Is there anything else that can be done to duplicate what a ground rod would do that is considered acceptable?

Thanks for any and all responses!
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1. #6 Cu THHN is the smallest you can go on a 70A breaker. I'd most likely use #4 THHN for 70A.
2. You can use wirenuts in the main panel to extend circuits to subpanel.
3. Ground rod at subpanel and at hot tub shut off is not needed.
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Thanks pattenp!

One more question...
Since I have to move one or more breakers out of the main and into the new sub, do I have to move the corresponding neutral and ground over to the sub as well as the hot, or can they stay put?
If yes I have to move them, any advice on figuring out which neutral and ground are actually part of that circuit inside the mess of wires?

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