Grounding adapters


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Are grounding adapters ok to use? They attach to the screw on the wall plate, does this cause the same effect as that stated in the "grounding argument" thread? I have no knowledge of electrical systems but would like to learn.
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A grounding adapter can be useful in only some instances of use. I feel that they are more often useless (from a proper grounding standpoint), then they are helpful.

These devices only provide a grounding path if the outlet is in a metal box, with a proper equipment ground tied to the box. In all other cases they do not provide an equipment ground. Do to this fact, a grounding adapter can provide false hope that a particular device is properly grounded. Even if the device is used in a metal box w/proper grounding, the strap that the screw bonds to is not rated to carry the fault current, so the breaker may or may not trip anyway.

That being said, you can buy these devices at any hardware store, and they are used daily by a lot of people. I would recommend that you do not use them as a permanent method of cord and plug connection, and avoid using them if at all possible.

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Thank you, another question is what exactly are my options if my house has no ground running to the receptacles? Is running from the panel to each receptacle too expensive a job?
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I do not know how the NRTL's ( nationally regonized testing labs) list grounding adapters for, as they are electrically a joke, then again i really wonder who the NRTL's work for.

running a new circuit would be a matter of cost vs. accessability. The hardest part of old work (existing building renovation)is simply getting the wire from A to B

If your needs are a dedicated appliance, computer, etc, then maybe you can run a dedicated circuit from your panel.
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Grounding adapters.

I've always heard of grounding adapters referred to as cheaters. I feel they are usefull in some cases..... as in when I loaned a brand new $200.00 drill to a good friend and it came back with the ground prong broken off. If they are used for this purpose, then maybe it would prevent this very common practice.

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