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I'm woefully inexperienced with electrical wiring, however I have what seems to be a simple task. I want to wire an outbuilding, placing 6 receptacles. I am using plastic boxes. I know that the grounding wire is supposed to be pigtailed to the green screw on the receptacle and the grounding screw in the box. Because the box is plastic, there is no screw. Now what?
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A "woefully inexperienced" person should never be wiring an outbuilding. What you "know" about the grounding wire is not correct. This should cause you to consider what else you "know" about electrical wiring. I strongly encourage you to get a permit and regular inspections so that you will really "know" if you did it safely.

But enough preaching.

There is no need or purpose to attach a grounding wire to a plastic box. Just pigtail the grounding wire to the green screw.
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All the Grounding-era plastic boxes I've ever seen have a grounding screw and a strap between the screw and one of the screw holes you screw the outlet/switch to.
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Gary plastic is not a conductor of electricity no need to ground plastic. I believe the box you are referring to is a swimming pool rated box associated to an underwater light fixture. There is a big green screw in the plastic pool light box designed to accept the # 8 bonding grid wire from the wet niche light fixture of the underwater light of a pool.

On the market today you will not find a plastic box with a green grounding screw if that box is designed to be used for receptacles or switches.

John is right the grounding wire is connected directly to the green screw of the receptacle. IF you have more than one bare or green wire in that plastic box then use a crimp or green wire nut to connect and pigtail a single wire to that green grounding screw of the recptacle. That green grounding screw is approved for the connection of only one wire not multiple wire connections.

Hope this helps

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