grounding and gfis in open grounded garage


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Just bought a fift year old house with a detatched garage. Open grounded receptacles inside and outside. I want to ground all receptacles and install GFIs where needed. There are two outside receptacles and about four inside. Suggestions? I do not wish to ground the house at this time unless you have some good ideas that do not involve opening walls and rewiring the whole thing.

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If you are grounding those receptacles then you will have to run a grounding wire from each receptacle back to the panel grounding bar.

You would probably find running new 12/2wGrnd easier when fishing down a wall than a single 12 ga grounding wire.

You can use any soffit to make it easy to get down the walls. You probably won't be able to pull out the old wire and pull in a new wire at the same time because the old wire is probably secured to the wall studs making in not possible to remove the old wiring without causing damage to the walls.

Before you do anything open those receptacles and look for a grounding wire not hooked up. At the time frame you age your house bare grounding wires were often just shoved back into the box and not used because electricians did not understand the value of them. Many romex installations at that time frame had a bare grounding wire in the romex.

Remember if this garage is wired in metal conduit the metal conduit may be used as a grounding conductor if not of the flexible type.

Hope some of this helps

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bear with me,,,just a short clarification, if you have a certain age wire, say cloth with a smaller 3rd bare conductor, you may luck out here as Wg suggested in simply finding it wrapped around itself and under the clamp entering the box.

this was the typical installation at the time, as grounding of branch circuits was new. It was not a product of any one tradesman's incompetance, it was standard fare, code compliant at that time.

hopefully you can make good on this!

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