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Have a GFCI outlet that will not reset, and so the outlets along the line are dead. In the circuit breaker panel the breaker is in the off position, and will not go to the on position. It appears broken. It clicks to off postion,
but will not click to on, only loose in middle.
I was not there when this problem started, just trying to fix it now. I guess my first question is what came first, the blown breaker or the tripped GFCI circuit? Will both need to be replaced? Any help would be much appreciated.
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The breaker does indeed sound bad. This might be because it has tripped so often that it's worn out. Is there something about this circuit that would cause frequent tripping?

The GFCI problem sounds unrelated, but it's a strange coincidence to have two independent problems on the same circuit at the same time.

One explanation that might do for both problems is a dead short to ground somewhere on this circuit. I suggest having an electrician (or a very handy friend) check it out. It would be difficult to try to give a complete diagnostic handbook here in this forum. However, some of the guys here are really great and patient, and you may find one with the time to walk you through it.
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Try locating all lights and receptacles that are dead. Turn off all light switches and unplug all equipment plugged into the this circuit. Then try pushing off the breaker hard then turning the breaker back on. If it seems to reset then push the reset button on the GFI and test the circuit again. You may have an appliance that is dead shorted or a light fixture that is dead shorted. Turning off all switches and unplugging all appliances should help isolate whether the short is in the circuit or in a light fixture or appliance. Come back in and let us know what you found.

Good Luck

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An easy way to check the breaker is to take the wire of the breaker. That way you know it isn't in the lites or plugs down the line, this will save you a lot of time. This can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing!! be careful

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