Galvanic Bath (Electric bath/Stanger Bath/Denki Buro)


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Galvanic Bath (Electric bath/Stanger Bath/Denki Buro)

Disclaimer: I know this will sound insane, but bear with me

I am interested in making a safe DIY Galvanic Bath (aka stanger bath or denki buro). They can be found at some spas in Europe or Japan, but they're practically unheard of in North America.

This isn't a "detox" thing, I know those detox foot baths are BS. But they are a proof of concept that you can put your body in water with an electric current safely.

The purpose of this is because I have a problem with sweating (Hyperhidrosis). There is a treatment known as iontophoresis, which involves applying an electric current through water to the area that you sweat. I've been using an iontophoresis machine for a while, which has worked well, but they don't treat your whole body efficiently.

When I searched online for a solution I discovered galvanic baths, which are essentially whole-body iontophoresis machines. They use direct current (like iontophoresis), and metal plates on the sides.

I already have metal plates, but I don't know how to make a safe power supply. I've tried just connecting my iontophoresis machine, but it has a feature that limits the voltage based on resistance. To be effective iontophoresis needs to be around 20v DC, and the galvanic baths advertise they go up to 24v.

Is it possible to create my own galvanic bath using my existing bath tub, metal plates, and a power supply?

EDIT: There are videos on how to make a DIY iontophoresis machine for hands, such as this

Example of iontophoresis machine:
Example of galvanic bath:

The galvanic bath above gives the following specs:

Supply voltage: 24 V AC
Power consumption: 80 W
Output voltage (galv./pulsed current): 0 - 24 V DC /0 - 7 V AC
Output current (galv./pulsed current): 0 - 2 A DC /0 - 300 mA AC

Article (with more pictures and a video):

The above article gives the following specs:
Output Frequency - 50Hz to 1kHz
Output Voltage 3 to 10V
Output Current 1 to 10mA

Mod note: member is from Canada.

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Welcome to the forums.

I don't consider this a DIY project and won't be offering help.

To other members.... it has already been established that this is a dangerous thing to do so if you don't have anything positive to add..... please don't post.
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Iontophoresis is the process of moving some substance which normally will not penetrate the skin through it via electricity. Using ultrasound to do the same is phonophresis. Is the concept here that the electricity alone is the 'treatment?'
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Yes, iontophoresis can also be used to treat excessive sweating using only water and the electric current. I had some links in the post but they have been removed for not working (they have been re-added now). I understand how it sounds, but it's a proven treatment that works for many people.
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Water and electricity obviously have a lot of potential for damage. I would suggest looking for local contractors who can assist; I just don't think you're going to get much comment on a board like this.

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