Heavy duty 220v splitters for the garage?


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Heavy duty 220v splitters for the garage?

I snagged four 220v splitters at a recent liquidation auction for an Intel Corp facility that was closing in the Pacific Northwest. I have a medium-sized woodshop and a few 220v tools, but (as I just moved in recently) I haven't installed any 220v outlets. I have verified the panel in the shop is commercial, with 200 amp capacity, and a lot of open spots on the breaker panel.

I got two of these splitters (NEMA twist-lock style, not sure what amperage): see first picture

The above splitter has two of these cables running out of it:
see second picture

And I also got two of these outlets: see third picture

The above outlet terminates to just a single cable/plug.

I don't think I'll wire up all four of these splitters, as it's overkill, but I'll probably install a couple of them. Are the twist-locks superior to the standard plug?

Also, I'm assuming with the way these splitters work, I'll only be able to run one tool at a time? I suspect since the twist-lock splitter has two cables/plugs running out of each end, it's actually a 2x double-splitter on each side?

Any idea where these might have originally come from? Was trying to find some info online, searching for 220v splitters, but couldn't find anything similar.

Any reason why I couldn't steal the twist-lock receptacles from the splitters if I wanted to put in a variety of single 220v outlets? That might be what I end up doing. All of my big 220v tools are stationary, so I think it would be best to locate the outlet right where I know the machine will be.

Would I need Romex 10/2 or 10/3 for these runs?

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For some reason.... your google stored pics weren't appearing to all members. So I locally attached them.
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Nominal voltage is 240 not 220. For 240 volts you need two hots and a ground. When using xx-2 Romex you recolor the white on both ends red, black or any color other than gray or green (or white) to indicate it is a hot. The only thing I see really useful for wiring a shop is the 4x4 box with four receptacles in the third picture. The rest are specialty adapters that I can't think would be of much use.

Those appear to be shop made not factory made is why you weren't finding anything. For wiring your shop you need to buy boxes and receptacles and wire with NM-b (AKA Romex) or individual wires in conduit. Service cord in the pictures and the female end cap can't be used as a substitute for code approved wiring devices.

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