Weird ceiling light behavior (Possible wiring issue)


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Weird ceiling light behavior (Possible wiring issue)

Hello people!

I tried to replace our ceiling lights in living room and dining room with new ones, and everything was fine with the two ceiling light fixtures in living rooms. But, I have hard time understanding the strange behavior of the one in dining room. Not to mention, I have limited knowledge of electricity!
Anyway, when I switch on the light, half of the bulbs turn on and the other half keep flashing. I tried the bulbs with other fixtures and they are ok. Tried different bulbs (LEDs, Halogens, ...) no luck. The fixture takes 10 12V 20W halogen bulbs. Any input would be much appreciated as I am so frustrated.

Video and photos of the light and wiring are attached.

Thank you
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Welcome to the forums.

Good thing you included the video to show the bizarre behavior.

Are there two ballasts in that fixture ?
I only see 5 bulbs in the picture.... where are the others ?
The fixture may need to have all in to work properly.

At the switch.... red is hot and black is switched to the light. I'm not quite sure why there is a single white wire visible at the ceiling. Normally all the white wires would be connected together. Was the old fixture directly connected to the single white and black wire ?
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Thank you Pete for your prompt reply. Very accurate observation of you! actually the issue made me nuts so I searched everywhere on the net and found so many different problems/solutions but there was this great article regarding why some LED bulbs, despite their advance technology, still flicker. The guy has gone over different reasons and how to fix them. One of the reasons that was true about my light was because I replaced all the halogen bulbs that came with the fixture with 10 equivalent LED bulbs (12V, 3W replacement for 20W halogen) and noticed when I turn them on, all 10 bulbs start flickering ridiculously! I replaced the bulbs with new ones one by one to make sure they are not defective. In the mean time I came across the article which suggests to add 2 to 3 halogen bulbs in between the LEDs to make the wattage balanced. My only stupid mistake was that, as you perfectly noticed, I should have used those 2 halogen with 8 LEDs on that is all ten bulbs should be installed. Using 5 bulbs, although I had 2 halogens too, was not still balanced. Very stupid problem! So now I have 4 halogen bulbs and 6 LEDs and no flickering, no strobing, no flashing, no nothing. The only problem is the combination of warm light of halogen and the white light of my LEDs, which is probably the next project/dilemma to solve

By the way, yes you are right, the fixture has two transformers. And regarding the wiring, all whites were connected together with a HUGE wire nut, I just detached that one to see what was going on! And that Blue wire with white paint on it was the hot wire connected to the old fixture.

I tried to explain everything in details so that it may help some other poor thing out there one day. lol

Thanks again
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