wiring a light with a transformer


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I am trying to wire up a low voltage light with has a transformer. I have taken down the old light and there is two large cables with red/green/black wires inside and two single cables which have red wires inside. There is a normal switch on the wall and a pull cord on the ceiling. according to the instructions which aren't all that clear the looped live wire is not put to the transformer and just connected to each other.can anyone tell me which wires go to
the live/neutral and earth connectors on the transformer.

answers needed as soon as possible.
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its been a while since I toyed with low voltage (halogen?) lighting. but unless I am incorrect (someone with more exp can clarify) you should be able to just connect the transformer just like the original light was connected. Your transformer has 3 leads or 2 with grounding screw?

When you removed the old light you had 2 unconnected ends or did you remove all the wire nuts?

or you can buy a $8 book from HD or LWS or your local book store that can answer almost all of your "basic" electrical questions. (the moslty black one (froget the name) even has a section for low voltage wiring)
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The transformer has a red cable, a blue cable and two black cable. The light is shaped like a letter `e` with two tracks(like one letter `e` inside another if you know what i mean) and the lights clip on between the tracks.Each black cable goes from one of the tracks to the transformer. As for the blue cable that goes from the transformer to the neutral connector and the red to the live. The light i took down was a 3 spot light thing and i am not sure now how that was wired up. I don't know what you mean when you talk about wire nuts. I don't know a lot about wiring, as you can probably tell.

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