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Can I have my kitchen island connected to AC supply with plug/receptacle?

Can I have my kitchen island connected to AC supply with plug/receptacle?

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Can I have my kitchen island connected to AC supply with plug/receptacle?

We have done a kitchen renovation and installed an island in the kitchen. I am deciding on how to wire the island. What I would like to know if whether it is permissible to make the island cord-connected to an outlet which would be surface-mounted to the floor. (I do not mean using a floor box, just a weatherproof metal box that sits above the floor surface under the island).

During the reno I ran 12AWG 2-wire Romex-type NM cable to the vicinity of the island for 20A service. I originally planned only one outlet on the island but the installers cut two holes so now I am stuck installing two outlets. It is my understanding that it is permitted for me to supply both of these outlets with the same 12AWG cable, so that is my intention.

I am not using GFCI outlets as the island is further than 1.5 meters from the sink. I am using two 125V 20A receptacles. I also planned to use 12AWG AC90 (armored) cable within the island, and run this into the basement into a junction box where it is connected to the NM cable.

My problem is that I have a fridge and stove that are fairly close to the island. In order to service or replace these, or do maintenance, cleaning, painting, etc. the island needs to be able to move. I have tried to see if I could coil the AC90 under the island to make a service loop but havenít come up with a good solution. I donít want to have to disconnect electrical wiring.

That is when I thought about making it cord-connected, effectively making it appear as an appliance. But I assume I would need to use flexible cord, as I did not see any plugs that you could put on the end of AC90 (BX) type wire. So my question is whether I can connect the two outlets to a junction box with AC90, run a short length of flexible cord from the junction box terminated in a plug, and have it plug into a receptacle under the island? That woul allow me to move the island away. If so, what type of plug and outlet would be acceptable? I realize it needs to me 125V/20A or better but don't know what style would be suitable.
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As far as U.S. standards go, an Island generally needs 36" clearance minimum on all sides. The installers did the right thing by cutting out 2 locations for receptacles, right and left side of the island ideally. You don't want a receptacle under an overhang in the back, at least not at the top. That's a snag hazard.

I would wait for an electrician's advice but I see no other way than to disconnect the armored cable when needed, no plug. It's not like the island will be moved frequently or ever.

Keep in mind refrigerator doors and oven doors are removable. Also be very sure the island cannot tip.
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If you don't have enough room to slide the fridge or stove out with the island in place then you need to re-think your island design. Try to avoid the urge to shove 10 pounds into a 5 pound sack. It may seem like a great idea on paper but a kitchen with a tight aisle or work space really stands out as cramped in real life.

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