Lights are turning on with a 1 minute delay


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Lights are turning on with a 1 minute delay

Hey guys,

We have a house, built 15 years ago. Recently we have encountered a problem with the electricity. It seems like there is a problem on one of the circuits.

What happens is that after turning on any switch of the lights (or any other appliances plugged into this circuit) it takes them about a minute to turn on! Sometimes more, sometimes less. Some light bulbs (not all) switch on straight away, but they look like someone put them on a dimmer and is gradually turning them brighter and brighter for a minute.

The circuit goes, as far as we can tell for now: Thermostat for floor heating -> Light bulbs on the ceiling -> Light bulbs on the wall with plugs integrated on the same switch.

Digging a bit into this we tried the Thermostat and it seems like something is broken there because it doesn't even turn on except the little light on the switch indicating it's on. The thermostat is Eberle 525 22.

Any ideas what would be causing this and how to at least temporary solve the problem?


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Welcome to the forums.

This is predominantly a U.S. based site. Not that we cannot help you but electric work is done differently in every country.

When you have an electrical issue... you are looking for a problem and repair..... not a temporary fix. You are going to need a voltmeter to check what the voltages are at every location where there is a problem. You need to see where the voltage is normal and then rising. I do know you have 230VAC power there.

I know you have a 230v floor heating thermostat there. From your description of the problem..... my guess is you have a neutral problem at the heater thermostat which is placing your loads (light bulbs) in series with the floor heating element. As the element warms up the lights get brighter.

If you are not adept at circuit testing and using a meter..... I'd highly recommend calling an electric tech.

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