Help appreciated with thermostat wiring


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Help appreciated with thermostat wiring

I am looking to replace my old thermostat with a Honeywell T6360. Presently there are three wires other than the earth: red, blue and a yellow. I see that the live wire, presumably red, must go to terminal 1. The confusion comes with the other two. It says the neutral should go to terminal 2, which I presume is blue, leaving the yellow one to go on terminal 3. Would this all be correct? What would be the likely consequence of getting 2 and 3 round the wrong way? Thanks.

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Neutral normally does not connect to the thermostat. Neutral is connected to the heater and live side of the wire going to the heater is connected to the thermostat.
Checking wiring diagram of your new thermostat, I see that it does have neutral connection and it is used for anticipator. Anticipator is a small resistor that will allow fine tuning when the thermostat turns off.

You will have to figure out how the wires are connected to the heater or current thermostat.
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What was the model of the Stat you are replacing?
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The OP is located in the UK.

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