Flickering LED's on Dimmer--With a Twist!


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Flickering LED's on Dimmer--With a Twist!

I have 4 LED can lights on a normal sliding dimmer that you get at Home Depot. The circuit these lights are on has very little load--a few other LED cans and a ceiling fan (but none of these are on when my issue occurs).

So here's the strange thing. When our dishwasher is going through cycles, these same LED can lights will flicker every time the dishwasher kicks in a new cycle. So, this can happen 10-15 times during a normal wash (don't ask me WHY it has so many cycles--different issue :-) I know FOR CERTAIN the dishwasher is on it's own 20-amp circuit and not part of this 15-amp light circuit.

The wiring for the dishwasher is nowhere near the box for the light switch, so I have to assume there is a problem with the breaker? Yet all of my breakers are within a year old.

Just call me "mystified!"

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Did you get dimmer that is compatible with your LED light?
Regular dimmers are made to work in incandescent or halogen light only.

It is very unlikely that your breaker is bad. Instead, the dishwasher may be pulling lots of current and causing voltage drop + noise. This is more likely if dishwasher and LED lights are on the same leg.
Try swapping position of the breaker with the on right above or below what your lighting circuit is on.
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Like Lambition, I'd highly doubt it's an issue with the breaker or wiring.

The potential issues are the dimmer or the LED fixture/driver itself. Both are electronic and can be susceptible to noise on the line. If they are designed well, there should be capacitors or transformers in the dimmer/light that smooth out any noise so you never notice anything. Unfortunately, cheaper devices save cost by not filtering this noise as well, and can result in these types of flickering.

Can you temporarily bypass the dimmer and use a standard switch (or just wire nut the wires together to keep the lights on) and run the dishwasher? Do they flicker? This should help determine whether you need a higher quality dimmer and/or fixture. Since all of them are flickering - my money's on the dimmer.
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I have same thing happen in my kitchen with a toaster oven and the LED lights. It's just some sort of electronic noise introduced on the line. A different brand of LED lamp or dimmer may help to reduce the effect, but strictly speaking it's not a problem as long as all of the devices are within noise tolerance.
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