New guy, need help with dead outlets


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New guy, need help with dead outlets

Sorry for new guy questions, couldn't find my issues in the previous threads. Four outlets are no longer functional. Checking the dead outlets I observed between Phase, Neutral and Ground; P-N low to 0 volts, P-G 120v or near it, N-G 120v or near it. Killing the power I observed Continuity between P-N with No Con. between the others.

The outlets on the same circuit that are working P-N 120v or near it, P-G 120v or near it, N-G 0v or near it. For Conitnuity I have Continunity between N-G and not the others.

Breaker seems to be operating correctly, have taken apart non functioning outlets no problems observed, One of the non functioning outlets is a GFCI. Last actvity on outlets before non function was workiing small 2hp compresor. Operation seemed fine and not till later noticed light in same circuit not working.

I need help in diagnosing possible issues, and advice on how to proceed with a solution.

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Look for a loose wire nut or connection in the last working outlet or the first dead outlet in circuit. If any back stabs in outlet move them to the screws.
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Does it sound like just a loose connection somewhere or do I have a N touching a P somewhere in the series
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No.... N is not touching P (or commonly known as hot)
You have an open neutral. You need to identify everything on the circuit. The problem will be at the last working device or the first dead one. If the problem is at a receptacle..... it could mean that the push-in wiring terminals were used and they get loose with age. Any pushed-in wiring should be moved to the side screw terminals.

If the problem is not at a receptacle.... it could be at s light or a switch box. In that case you'd be looking for a problem neutral (white) splice.
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N touching P (sic) is a dead short and pop goes the breaker.
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