Installing new outlet in garage


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Installing new outlet in garage


I would like to install a new outlet in my garage so that I can install our security camera on the outside of the garage. I would like to go from the outlet in the lower left of my picture to somewhere towards the upper right of the garage where I will plug in the camera power cord.

Can I just splice my Romex together *inside* the box for the current outlet in the lower left? I supposed to I need to run conduit to the upper right as well. Is that required to be metal? Is there anything else I need to know?


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It can be PVC conduit. It is easier to run individual conductors such as THHN/THWN than NMB.
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I would probably install a box extender on your existing receptacle - like this:

Then run PVC conduit up and over to a new box. 2 sticks of 1/2" PVC conduit and a 90deg elbow, and you're all set.

You can also run standard NM-B cable inside the wall, but it will require some drywall work to get through all those studs. Certainly doable though.
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If you are in Cook County you MUST use conduit, even inside the walls. I'm not certain but I think it must be metallic conduit and not PVC. Flexible metallic conduit is acceptable.
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We are in Seattle now. I just updated my profile. (Chicago had a lot of codes, we had to have a dedicate wall switch for out dishwasher which was weird).

For the conduit I will use whatever is the recommendation or safest. I just want to do it right. Thanks for the tip Zorfdt. I was just thinking about how to exit the Romex from the in-wall outlet and you answered my question. I am fine with it outside the wall in the garage. There is already a giant conduit just to the left of it from when AC was added to the home a few years ago. I think I can bang this out fairly quickly. Thanks again
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Do you have an outlet in the ceiling for a garage door opener? If so, it would probably be easiest to tap off that outlet and fish your cable to the other side of the beam through the joist cavity and behind the drywall.

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There is a possibility that power cord from the camera cannot extend through the wall. A POE camera would avoid the need for a receptacle.
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Finally got it down. The camera is rated for "protected" outside us. I just saw that we have an outlet for the garage door opener but this was actually a shorter run. Plus are garage ceiling is pretty darn high.

The camera is wireless and works fine thankfully. We have a pretty extensive wireless network throughout the three floors of our home. The power cable is two parts, one that is fixed inside the camera and a quick disconnect about 5 feet away. I was able to feed that through a 1/2" hold without issue then put it back together. I just need to use some zip ties to wrap that wire up now. I also think I need to have a clamp the conduit 7" from the new outlet to be up to code but there wasn't a stud there so I just need to get a drywall screw.

I forgot to mention the camera is under a 2 foot overhang so there won't be a lot of moisture there unless we get sideways rain.I did calk around the base of the camera mount. Should I pulled that off and shoot some of that expandable foam in the hole to fill the gap a bit of just leave it be? I could also just shoot it through from the garage side.

Thanks everyone.

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