Hard wire an extension cord?


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Hard wire an extension cord?

Is it safe and legal to run a flexible extension cord from a junction box (via knock out and typical nmsc connector)?

I am working on a themed light fixture. There is a surface mounted metal junction box on the ceiling 11 feet up fed by metal shielded supply with lamp cord running from it to sockets with Edison bulbs inside suspended glass jugs.

I have an extra one foot of metal conduit coming off the junction box that will have a couple low voltage sparkling Christmas bulbs at the end of it simulating a sparking effect (as in the look of old faulty wiring).

I will power the bulbs with a simple 5v dc phone charger. The issue is how legally get power to the transformer.

-Of course I could place the small transformer inside the junction box, but this seems inappropriate code wise.

-I could face the junction box with an outlet as opposed a metal cover. I would like to avoid this for aesthetic reasons, keeping the parts looking old and transformer hidden from sight.

-I could add a porcelain socket to the face of the junction box, then a two prong adapter, and plug the charger into that. Again, this would be bad aesthetically.

-My preferred solution to provide power to the low voltage bulbs is to run a short 8 inch extension cord from the outlet where it could sit behind another object out of sight, allowing the small transformer to receive power. Its out of human reach and theoretically safer than if the charger were legally plugged into a cord sitting on the carpet.

Open to other ideas, but aesthetics are an important factor. Im an experienced artist and builder, but this a peculiar situation. I know any of my solutions above would be fine in practice, but I am seeking the most legal way since Im drawing attention to a faux dangerous situation.

Btw, the light is part of an urbex inspired installation. Visitors will know the sparking wire is intentional. Comments like why would you want to do this? Will be dealt with by a condescending raised eyebrow and slow head shake.

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Good morning, some pics might be helpful so we can see what you are working with.


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Is it legal to hard wire an extension cord? NO

You can, with the proper box and fittings run flexible SJ cord to a device but that won't help you powering a wall wort transformer unless you put an enclosure on the end of the cord with a outlet.

Why not just plug your transformer into a regular wall outlet and run low voltage wire to the fixture?
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You can get an inline receptacle at your local hardware store. Use your existing lamp cord and just add the receptacle to the end. Then plug the charger/transformer into that.

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Thank you wise sages.

I appreciate all of the ideas. I may go the SJ route as this assembly is in the ceiling and any outlet would be 20 feet away and not switched to match the lights.

Love the inline receptacle idea. Sadly, I'm using a round braided lamp wire, making it next to impossible to identify where the wires would be oriented.

I wanted to post photos with original post, but inability to attach them put the kabosh on it.

I intend to update with photos later. In the meantime, thank you all.
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Here is a link with how to attach pictures: https://www.doityourself.com/forum/e...-pictures.html

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