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My Telephone service is not bonded to ground is it ok to...

My Telephone service is not bonded to ground is it ok to...


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My Telephone service is not bonded to ground is it ok to...

I'm trying to nail down a noise issue on my telephone/DSL service. One BIG issue that I've discovered is that my Network Interface Device Box (NID) aka Telephone Service is not bonded to any ground. The Electric Service and all other utilities (water meter, water main, diconnected TV cable, etc.) are all apropriately bonded to the main grounding bar. I would simply bond the Telephone NID to the main Ground with the rest of the utility services except the Telephone Service NID is actually at the opposite corner of the residence, almost 100 feet away. So my question is this: I'm not comfortable having multiple ground points for the residence and prefer that all the services are bonded to a common ground. I'm a little uncomfortable running a ground wire from the NID, through the basement to the main ground at the opposite corner of the structure but this seems to be what I am forced to do. So do I run a #6, #8 or #10 ground wire from the NID, around the outside of the building to the main ground rod or do I go through the bulding's basement with that ground wire and attach it to the main ground rod that way. I just want to add that the properly bonded water main is accessible about 1/3 of the way through the basement (where it is actually bonded is about 1/2 the distance). (Should I bond it to the water main? Skip the water main? Or add it to the water main on the way to the main ground (on the other side of the house). My guess is go straight through (100 feet) from the NID to the main ground rod (where the electical service is bonded to the ground bar), skipping the water main. My concern is that its actually almost exactly 100 feet from the NID to the ground bar. Is this acceptable or is there something else I should do to approach this situation correctly. Thanks in advance and best regards....
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First off I kind of doubt that a ground wire will fix your noise issue. To check, I would run a wire temporally to a ground point and see if it makes a difference.

Second, telephone service shouldn't need anything larger then a #12 copper wire.

Third, the incoming phone line is like grounded someplace else on the incoming line.

I would just bond it to anyplace that is convenient and not worry about getting it to the ground rod. The ground rod is only there for high surge events like lightning strikes anyway. That is what the phone company does. I have seen them bond the incoming line to the electrical meter, the grounding electrode conductor, or the ground rod.
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The fat panel wire (grounding electrode conductor) to the water pipe is supposed to be clamped to the main water pipe within 5' of where the pipe exits the basement and without the water meter or other plumbing device in between. You may attach the new ground wire from the phone to the pipe between that existing clamp and the wall, or attach the phone.ground wire to anywere on the aforementioned GEC including next to its clamp to the water pipe.

Do you get the noise when you unplug the home phone wiring (usually modular) plug from the NID and plug the test phone unit directly into the NID?

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