Installing Ring Pro doorbell


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Installing Ring Pro doorbell

HI all

I just received my ring pro doorbell, and am planning installation. I have two questions, and am hoping that this forum will once again yield terrific advice and tips
  1. My existing transformer says '16V. 15W.' Is this sufficient to power a single ring doorbell?
  2. My intent is to install a second Ring Pro on my back door. I have read that you really need a 30W transformer for that. If I were to replace this transformer with a 30W version, how can I determine if exiting wires to the doorbell can handle higher wattage (ie: is there a risk of short/fire?)

Here is my current doorbell transformer:

Here is the transformer that I would likely buy to replace it to accommodate a second Ring Pro: NuTone 30 VA transformer

The wires in my current transformer go up to a 3 way splice. One wire goes to back doorbell (fabric coating, it looks like); Second wire goes to front doorbell (same jacket); Third is a multiconductor that goes to the chime (they all are spliced to the chime wire--sorry for lack of additional pictures). It is the wire to the doorbell buttons that I am wary of overloading.

Incidentally, this is a FAQ about power requirements for the Ring Pro: Ring Pro Insufficient Power Troubleshooting. In it, it says 'Your Ring Pro requires a power source that supplies a minimum of 16 volts AC at ~20 volt-amps when connected directly to a transformer or plug-in adapter, or ~30 volt-amps when used with an internal doorbell.' I am a little confused about 'volt-amps'. It looks like my existing transformer is 16 volts at 15 watts? Would it be correct to say that my existing transformer is only '15 volt-amps' (watts = volt-amps?). In which case, it seems I have to upgrade transformer anyway..?

I cant find it now, but I have also previously come across a site that says that if you want to have two ring pros, you need at 30 volt/amps. This is why I am looking at the above transformer. I suppose I could also buy a wall wart for the 2nd Ring Pro, but that would only be if my current transformer work for the first one

Sorry I am rambling a bit. As I started out with: 1) it it reasonable to expect my current transformer handle a single Ring pro. If not, 2) how can I confirm that my existing wiring can handle a slightly larger voltage

Thanks, as always!
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Your wiring is plenty heavy enough. Usually it's #18 wire and capable of handling what you want to connect. You're only dealing with a maximum of two amps. Yes.....VA = watts. 16v 15w is fine for one unit. I have never connected two to the same system but 30va would probably be a good idea.
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Interesting, as I have installed many of these, never have I installed two on the same circuit. Wonder how they would play with each other when time came to alert to a visitor. Intriguing.

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