Switch and Outlets with No Power


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Switch and Outlets with No Power

I'm back with a new one.

In our new home, we have a sunroom that walks out to the back deck. The sunroom has a chandelier and recessed bulb lighting and at least one outlet pair that function properly. However, there is a switch that is supposed to operate the outdoor lighting for the deck and three other outlets IN the sunroom that don't seem to have any power at all.

I do not have an outlet tester (yet).

I've opened up the switch and the three outlets and I don't see any immediate issues with the wiring and there are no tripped breakers in the box. I've been reading that these outlets may be the wrong type for this placement, but I am very unfamiliar with that level of electrical work. The switch and one of the outlets are on the South wall of the sunroom and the other two outlets are on the West wall, both exterior.

I've taken some pictures and attached them below. If anyone has any tips or places to start troubleshooting, I would be very grateful. I've done some basic stuff, like making sure the wires are tight in the outlets and I have a few, brand new GFCI outlets that I was considering hooking up, just to see if there was any change.

As always, thank you!
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Start looking for a tripped GFI outlet.
It could be anyplace.
Best to get a real multimeter not just an outlet tester.
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Well, no luck with the GFI. There are a few around the house, but only one was tripped and resetting it didn't make a change to those outlets or the switch. I did find another outlet reading open hot, but it's quite a ways from the room in question.

Unfortunately, I didn't see this reply until after I got back from my trip to the hardware store, so I only grabbed an outlet tester. I'll add a multimeter to the new list for when I make it back out there.
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In your first picture you have three sets of wires on the receptacle. Two sets are on the screw terminals and one set is using the push-ins. That's not an acceptable connection method. Your problem could actually be the set of back stabbed wires.

What should be done is remove all three sets of wires. Twist all the whites together and add a short tail of the same size wire to go to the receptacle. Do the same for the black wires.

As far as a meter.... the home improvement stores carry basic analog meters starting around $15. An analog type meter is best for home electrical work as its load minimizes false/ghost voltages.
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Well, I was finally able to do as suggested and combine the three wires + a short tail to the outlet. Unfortunately, this didn't remedy the no power issue. I've still been unable to locate any other tripped GFCIs, as well. I think it may be time to call in a Pro.

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