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Hi all,
I currently have a 100 Amp service. I have a main disconnect with a 100 Amp breaker (GE) on the outside of my house. From there I have a 25ft wire leading to the Main panel (Crouse-Hinds). I would like to swap the existing main panel with a 200 Amp panel (GE) that I bought. I am planning an addition for next year and have no need to upgrade the service to 200 Amp. The 200 Amp panel that I bought also contains a Main breaker.
I need to add 2 circuits for a pool including the GFI and don't want to waste my money buying Crouse-Hinds breakers to use temporarily.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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1) shut off the outside panel
2) lock the outside panel in the off position
3) verify the inside panel is dead
4) remove and replace the inside panel
5) put the load wires from the old panel on the same relative positions in the new panel
6) turn power back on
7) check everything

You can then upgrade the new panel with a new 200 amp service in the future.

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Hi jktuttle

Theres actually quite a lot of details to an upgrade like this. I did like resqcapt19's point 7 though: "Check everything"!! Very important!

If you replace your breaker panel with a 200A panel, its still limited by your 100A Mains outside, so you still only have a 100A service. You could add a 400A breaker panel, and you've still got the same service being delivered.

If you need to add some hefty circuits for a pool, etc, I'm sure you'd probably need >100A service. There is a way of calculating your minimum service that some of the experts on this forum would certianly be able to help you with. For a complete upgrade, chances are you'd need to replace the cable from the mains to the panel to be able to handle 200A. I was in a similar situation recently, and decided to get the entire service upgraded. It would probably be less expensive and more convenient to get the whole job done at once, rather than part now and part later. In reality, all you'd end up with right now is a different breaker panel that matches your requirements if and when you get the service upgraded.

If you're inetrested, a brief summary of my experiences can be found here:

Good luck!
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Exclamation 200 amp system

I think you have the basics that you need to do.
1. call the electric company to set a time to remove your meter so there will be no power to your main box.
2. Make sure you are able to run the correct size wire to your main box and your breaker box for the 200 amp main switch. (the electric company probally won't run the wire from your meter box to your main switch)
3. Make sure you don't have nothing in your refridge that will spoil. and i would also recommend renting a generator for lights so you can see. (or battery operated lamps)
4. Try to have all the breaker box work done before the electric company gets there. (200 amp in place and wire ready to plug in the cut off box)
5. When they disconect the box try to work quick so the electric guy won't leave.
6. Run the new 200 amp wire to the new 200 amp cut off breaker. then insert the two wires from the breaker box.
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I have a two story house and I am a senior citizen. I keep paying to have lights placed on the gutters with the plastic fasters that came with the lights. My problem is that these lights keep falling down because the plastic holders keep breaking.
Do anyone have any suggestions on what I need to purchase in order to keep these lights up? I live on a fixed income and cannot afford to have them put up 5 or 6 times during the holidays.
Please help!!!!

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