Weird corrosion on lugs in panel, advice needed


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Weird corrosion on lugs in panel, advice needed

Hello all,

Had a pre-inspection done and inspector noted corrosion (somewhere in panel). I didn't see anything at first, neutral bars and service panel overall look new.
No water inside basement, 200-AMP service 11 years old.

And then, on close inspection, some of the lugs looked weird. I took a picture of the worst. I 'ranked' them 1-4, 1 being what i think is normal, 2 is normal+ some copper colored dust stuff on the bottom corner, 2 is more of that, and 3 and 4 include white stuff on the lug and green on the wire.

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#4 is the worst by far in the panel, and oddly enough, is a double 30 AMP breaker with the top of the double breaker looking normal, wtf?

I popped one out and the buses look normal as far as i can tell. The little white cap things on the screws, about half of them seem in the process of falling off, a few are off.

Either way, i have to get an electrician out to sign off/fix. I was considering replacing some of the breakers myself (since i've done before) to save cost maybe. I don't want to get some junior in here telling me a need a panel replacement when it might not be necessary.

Advice needed!


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That is definitely corrosion caused by moisture.
The panel may be dry now but it looks like it had been wet at one time.
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It doesn't look bad... but for $20-30, it's probably worth it to replace the breakers to not have an issue during the sale.
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Turn off the power, cut back the discolored wire to expose new copper. (you shouldn't need to cut more then the exposed copper) Reconnect to breaker.
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Might be worth tracing that #4 wire back a little bit to see if water is wicking along it from somewhere. It's weird to see corrosion on just that wire and the one below it.

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