Ground voltage (zapped by my drumset)

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Ground voltage (zapped by my drumset)

I have an extension cord with outlets spaced every 6ft.. the 1st outlet, from the receptacle side, has a surge protector with audio equipment plugged in. Unplugging 1 at a time (from the surge protector), voltage between my belly and service panel bolts range from 4vac to 33vac. All plugged in reads 4vac. Certain devices unplugged brings the voltage up. During the lightning storm that is currently happening I noticed a very very slight buzzing noise from the service panel out of nowhere, while opening up the door and grazing my shoulder against my drum rack is when I realized electricity was going through the ground. I was also barefoot and my drum set rack that is made of steel tubing. First thing I did was I shut power off to every single breaker and tested voltage between my stomach and the service panel and also my drum rack and the service panel between each breaker. I found the only one labeled GFI which controls both bathrooms the master bedroom lights and outside in the garage Outlets was the one that had the voltage. After unplugging my surge protector in the garage a long extension cord I'm referring to, is when I saw proper zero voltage. Do electronics with ac-dc converters built into their plug boxes make a difference or does someone think that this is just a bad surge protector? I'm lost I'm doing more tests and I'll chime back in when I get a chance
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It is possible to get a tingle from devices (like your electronic drums) if they use a switching type power supply. This type of supply will say 100-240vAC input and only have a two prong plug.

In order to check for ground throughout the house.... or at that circuit...... you'd need to check from the ground pin to a known good ground like a metal water pipe. You can check at those receptacles for 120vAC from the large slot to the small slot. 120vAC from the small slot to the ground slot and 0v from the large slot to the ground pin.

Be sure to wear shoes when messing around testing. You don't want your body to be a path to ground.

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