Push In Wire Connectors


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Push In Wire Connectors

I was considering using Push In Wire Connectors around the house. But a thought/concern is that if I ever had to remove them, then I might end up needing to cut the wires, whether because you can't get them to release or that they dig in to the wire making cutting it necessary. Is this a concern with using these connectors?

If so I'll just stick with good old fashioned wire nuts.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Here's a link to what I'm describing: https://www.lowes.com/pd/IDEAL-100-P...ctors/50101796

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You can remove wires from those connectors. Push a small screw driver into the slot above the holes. That releases the spring and wires can be pulled out without cutting.
Don't push too hard. If you push too hard it will permanently bend the spring and the connector becomes unusable.
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Wires can be easily removed by pulling and twisting the connector and wire at the same time.
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If so I'll just stick with good old fashioned wire nuts.
Me too.

Push-in connectors have their uses but I only use them on an "as needed" basis.
I won't even use the ones supplied with recessed lighting fixtures.
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Thanks everyone for your responses.
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Why don't you consider using wago's? Wago 221's are the new series, they have levers that you can open or close so you can insert and pull out wires very easily and they are used very widely in Europe.
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I' m doing a lot of work on my house and bought a big mixed pack. For many uses, they are fine, but if you're doing stranded wire, forget it.

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