GFCI replacement issue


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GFCI replacement issue

I recently purchased a home in 2017 with a list of provisions that needed to be completed per the city i live in. Most of the list is now complete and i have nearly finished everything that was required but one thing... The electrical. Primarily the grounding of said electrical. The main part of the house was constructed in the 1940's so most of the outlets are not grounded. Having spoken with the electrical inspector for the city i determined a work around to rewiring the entire home (and having to spending a ton of money to have it done professionally) was to make sure the first outlet on every stream was on a GFCI plug as this would meet code. But now i am having trouble getting this to work. 2 plugs in particular are making things difficult; the one in my kitchen and one in my bathroom.

​​​​​​The one in my kitchen is currently working just fine with a standard outlet without any issue however whenever i attempt to put in a GFCI plug in it gets no power to the outlet and subsequently everything downstream of that plug lose power as well. I checked the the lines connected to the GFCI were connected to the correct line and load on the plug. Changing the lines around in every combination i could think of have not worked either. The bathroom outlet appears to be giving me the same kind of issue . I am very much a novice when it comes to electrical work and i am sure this is a long shoot but is there anyone here that has run into a similar issue that might be able to suggest a solution?
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It would be helpful to know the number of wires or cables and the colors and connections you made at the GFI.

Did you push the reset after restoring power?
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I did try the reset button on the gfci and that didn't do anything. Also tried a differnt gfci plug hoping the one I had was faulty but this didn't work either. The wires are not labeled in any way or colored the wiring looks as old as the house is. When I get home today I will take some pictures of the wiring so you can see what I mean.
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Hi, just curious, if it was originally wired ungrounded what is the need to install GFCI now, are you planning to install all new grounded receptacles? In any case at the first outlet where the feed comes in you will have to identify the HOT and Neutral , do you have BX wiring? metal covering on the cables at the panel, you may be able to test your wires at the first box if you can get the probe from your Analog meter to touch the metal jacket there and the other lead to the wires in the box, one should be Hot, the other one in that cable will be Neutral, if that won’t work get a wire to a cold water pipe and test that way.

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