GFCI Strange Tripping


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GFCI Strange Tripping

I have a wall box with two devices that were installed new, 10 years ago: a single-pole light switch that controls a wall sconce - and a dual 120-V GFCI receptacle. Both devices are on the same 20-A, 120-V ckt. The light switch isn't wired through the GFCI. Recently, about a third of the time that I turn on the light switch, the GFCI trips, without anything plugged into the receptacles. Somehow, I figured that turning on the switch was inducing a spike seen by the GFCI. Both devices were Hubble.

First, I replaced the light switch with a spare Leviton that I had on hand. No change - the GFCI still tended to trip when the switch was turned on. So then, leaving the Leviton switch in place, I replaced the Hubble GFCI with a new Leviton version. Problem solved! Somehow, after 10 years, the Hubble GFCI became touchy. Strange. Thoughts?
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GFCIs contain electronics that can and do go bad over time.

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