Exposed connection to high voltage lines?


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Exposed connection to high voltage lines?

The high voltage lines that go from the power pole to my weatherhead on the roof has exposed metal on the connections

Enlarged showing both connections.

Honestly do not remember it being this way before. Last year during hurricane Irma a tree branch from up high came down and hit the lines but the lines held and power was never interrupted.

I called FPL (Florida Power and Light) and spoke to a human rep to see if this may be a concern. She asked if power is out, I said no. She said if power is out then it's not a problem.

Is this a problem? If so, how serous a problem is it?
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Not a immediate problem, but shouldn't be left like that.
Looks like that sleeve covering splice was not installed correctly. Probably peeled insulation too far when the splice was made.

In some areas they don't even insulate the splice and just space them far away from each other. But this is not a good idea on the roof where you will access regularly.

All it needs is just many wraps of electric tape. Try convincing power company to come out. If they are not willing may call electrician.
You can do this yourself, but that will be at your own risk. As long as you don't touch exposed section you will be fine.
If the wires are old and shows signs of failed insulation, don't touch the wire at all. But, yours look good from the picture.
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I agree..... those wires look in new condition. I have one concern..... and that is those wires may be pulling out of the crimps..... especially since you said there didn't used to be exposed wire. I'd recommend calling the power company as that will be a no charge repair.
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You can "play dumb" when calling the power company. Let them know that it looks like the wires are pulling away from the house and need to be re-attached. They should send someone out to repair them.

I would definitely not consider it a DIY project. Electrical tape is probably all that's needed, but I wouldn't want to slip up on those connectors!
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I forgot to mention that what you have is not high voltage lines.
What you have is just 120V/240V split phase feeding your house. It is the same voltage you get from your wall outlets.

If you told power company you see bare high voltage lines, that may be what confused the rep and told you it is not a problem.
High voltage lines are way up in utility pole and usually bare wire.
Insulated high voltage lines are usually only used for underground lines because it has to be very thick and multiple layers to insulate high voltage. Too heavy (and expensive) for aerial runs.
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going a bit off topic here, but for the record:
Most of my POCO primary wiring is insulated with PE, sometimes called "tree wire". In my case, though, the utility uses a design using "cable spacers", which demand insulated primary wire, since they are spaced very close to each other on the 3 phase runs, using a messenger wire, made of steel. This results in a very robust system of support, resistant to icing and tree falls.

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