100 amp main break into 200 amp panel?- eaton


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100 amp main break into 200 amp panel?- eaton

I have to replace my electric panel; current one has some lugs that are toast and there is alot of corrosion, i really do not want to wait to get this swapped out.

my 5-10yr plan is to add up my service up to 200 amps, so my plan was to install a 200 amp panel now and run it will a 100 amp main breaker and then i will be ready for when i eventually up my service.

i picked up a 200 amp Eaton panel but now i am having a hard time find a 100 amp breaker to replace the 200 amp one that doesn't cost more then the panel.

my questions is, are these main breakers interchangeable?
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Some manufacturers have panels and main breakers of different amperages within the same frame size and some do not. You didn't say what load you are adding within the next 5-10 years to warrant a 200 amp service so you may not ever really need a 200 amp service. Regardless, if my plan was to eventually upgrade to 200 amps I think I'd install a 200 amp CSED device now so I could have two 100 amp breakers at the meter. This means installing all new 200 amp service entrance wiring now. Then I'd simply install one 100 amp main lug panel now fed by one of the two 100 amp breakers at the meter. In 5-10 years as I increased my load I'd add a second 100 amp main lug panel fed by the second 100 amp breaker.

Here is a CSED that would work, but you don't want to buy anything till you have contacted your utility company for a listing of metering equipment approved for use on their system.


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i have a jeep hobby that is constantly require to turn to friends with welders, I am sure i could run a simple hobby grade welder but eventually i would like to step it up. In addition to this i also enjoy wood working so i am always running saws and things of that nature. My dream 10 year plan also includes a pole barn and a town behind camper which i would like to be able to plug in and power.

the dream part of the plan may or may not happen but it is a serious consideration and I am getting tired of doing things twice.

I am currently finishing up a 24x36 attached garage with 3 bedrooms above it, the plan was to power this off of a service panel to be installed in the garage and have that fed off of my current panel. Once i do that my current panel or any new 100 amp panel will be maxed as far as space go. Add in that i was running 2 window ac units this summer, i have electric hot water, washer/dryer and an electric range.

i will admit that I am a novice at best when it comes to electrical but i feel like i will be pushing the limits of a 100 amp service.

My current meter is on a service pole in my neighbors yard (2 properties use to be one) about 350' from my house, upgrade my service i will be running a new service so i am no longer crossing their yard so i want to avoid switching my meter box at this time.

Now i do actually like the idea of your suggestion because i could try to return the 200 amp panel i purchased and get a 100 amp panel to supply my power needs now and then eventually get a CSED as you suggested when i get my new service to power any future out buildings.

thank you for the reply
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I don't know of a manufacturer that has a panel compatible with both 100A and 200A mains. They're usually interchangable with 100/125A and 150A/200A, but not between each other. Moreover the main panel kits are sold at such a discount compared to the individual panels and main breakers it won't be a cost saving exercise to try to reuse the panel in the future. If you can't afford to do the full 200A upgrade now, I'd probably stick with a 100A configuration now and worry about the heavy-up later when you have the budget. Plus you can always keep this panel at 100A and when you upgrade the service add another 100A panel elsewhere.

BTW, you can look up a procedure called "demand load calculation" to tell you what size service you should have to the property. There are some spreadsheets floating around the Internet to help with the math.
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