Wiring new circuits question


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Wiring new circuits question

Hello all -

I have an office downstairs next to the garage, it seems this office was an addon when i bought the house about 3 years ago, all the outlets are wired to the upstairs bathroom GFCI breaker. I say that because when my UPS kicks on due to tripping the breaker, I have to reset it.

Funny story the first month we had to house, I tripped the breaker and went to the breaker panel and nothing was tripped. I had to call the original owners and he said its wired in the bathroom.

But why is my breaker tripping? I have too many things running.

7 PC's running, 2 NAS devices, 2 switches, 2 routers, 11 Screens monitors/TV's one CRT. Security DVR, TV DVR. 2 DAC/AMPS, Air filter.

Now i can't have all the PC's running at the same time I can have 4, i would like to have them all running.

I want to future proof so it does not trip. The UPS's I have make the voltage more stable but not a solution, and keep data loss from happening, if they trip.

What would you recommend for Voltage/wire gauge/amp for a dedicated run from the breaker panel. I was thinking 220 but then i would have to convert my UPS's or buy new 220 ones.

Or just run the biggest gauge wire I can for 110v ?
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12-3 NM-b on a 20 amp single pole breaker or 12-3 on two handle tied breakers. Later gives you two 120v 20a supplies.
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Run 12 gauge cable (e.g. Romex 12-2 which also includes the ground wire). This will handle 20 amps at 120 volts. It will also handle 20 amps (not limited to 10, not up to 40 amps) at 240 volts but you will not need that for now.)

"the biggest gauge wire"

(added later) "Ordinary" plug in lights and appliances and uninterruptible power supplies using "ordinary" 120 volt plugs, and "ordinary" duplex receptacles, require branch circuits of no more than 20 amps. Run more than one branch circuit (or the multiwire branch circuit with 12-3 Romex mentioned previously) if you need more power.

Although PCs are categorized as "intermittent use" devices, it would be a good idea to plan no more than 16 amps (the continuous use rating of a 20 amp circuit) worth of equipment for each 20 amp branch circuit.
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so if I am pulling 4k watts of potential power 2 20amp breaker at 120volts should be able to handle that if split evenly?

so 2 new circuit runs is what I am getting from it, I think my panel has 3 openings. Good info thanks guys.

I was just thinking the bigger the wire the power power I can run on it, but if the 110 is limited to 12 gauge 20 amps that makes sense.
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It's not that 120v is limited to 20A. It's 20A for generic 120v receptacle circuits.

Each 120v 20A circuit can supply 2400 watts...... 2000 watts continuously.
For computer circuitry I'd recommend running two 12-2 NM-b w/ground cables as opposed to a 12-3.
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You could also run a larger feeder and install a sub panel in your home data center. That would also give you even more power available if you ever need to add additional circuits. You could install the panel in that room or put it someplace convenient in the basement. You could feed the sub panel with 30 amps to 100 amps.

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