Not properly grounded/earthed


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Not properly grounded/earthed

Hi All

I know next to nothing about electricity and wanted to ask for some advice. Apologies for any cross-posting.

I moved into a rented house in Spain a few months ago. Turned out it wasn't grounded. Providing a ground turned out to be a little complicated as the property is build on top of a few meters of concrete. The makeshift solution was having this house attached to the grounding rod next door (landlord's own house). However, I was still getting shocked (continued hot tingling upon contact sort of thing). The electrician investigated and said there was still 8V hanging round that wasn't being discharged through the rod, or something like that (perhaps insufficient capacity for two houses?) Anyway, he was adamant it was nothing, that I should shut up. The landlord wanted him to put in a separate grounding rod for this house anyway - and the electrician says he will - when he gets time - and this is, he said, a very low priority job.

Things can move slowly out here. It's been ten weeks and he's yet to have time. For a couple of reasons, the landlord is reluctant to change electrician, but if I should I can put on pressure, either for the original electrician to come out, or to find someone new who is bothered to do something. I do still get shocked when I come into contact with metal things plugged into the mains, but I've been promised that at this voltage (8V) it's not even worth saying ouch over. Is that right? Also, I assume, it will not be doing any damage to the electrical appliances I currently have plugged in? So do I just wait? Or should I insist this is sorted ASAP?

Thanks in advance
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What is needed is to bond the exposed metal parts of various items including stoves and water pipes. If you have assembled a stereo system and were advised to daisy chain a wire from the frame or chassis of one component to the frame or chassis of the next then this is the general idea of what you need.

The ground rod actually has less effect on eliminating the extra eight volts floating around compared with bonding together most metal objects.

In the U.S. the most up to date household systems have a ground wire accompanying every branch circuit so appliances, lights, etc. are all bonded to a common point we might call the electrical ground for that house. (Plug in lights and devices are ungrounded if they do not have a 3 prong plug.) Plumbing and ground rod(s) are also connected to the electrical ground.
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Most people can not even feel 8 volts unless they are wet, like putting your tongue on a 9 volt battery.

What tool are you measuring the voltage with and between what two items are you measuring?
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What things shock you when you touch them? What are you standing on when this happens?

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