soldering controller board


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soldering controller board

Kenmore oven wasn't turning on, so after opening it up I noticed a burned out connection on the controller board of my Kenmore oven. If you look at my pictures, the plastic has melted and there's a piece that came off of the controller/circuit board

So I plan to solder the metal piece back on to the board. This is my first time doing this. I plan to watch some youtube videos first. Should remove all the burnt plastic from the metal? What type of solder should I use?

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That pattern on the PCB is likely to peel off because it has been over heated.
You could reinforce it by soldering a small piece of wire and cover it with solder.

You can reuse male connector after cleaning it. But, I would not reuse the female connector. The reason it has burnt is because it has loose connection. If you reuse it, same thing will happen again.

Another option is just cut the wire on burnt connector and solder it directly on the PCB.
If you need to be able to disconnect, solder a wire on the PCB and use in-line connectors.
Solder the wire directly over relay pins under the PCB for strength.
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Agreed that the female connector on the yellow wire is fried - that one should not be reused.

The prongs on the male spade need to be throughly cleaned with sandpaper or a brass brush. On the PCB side, you do need to clean the eyelets back a little and use just enough heat and just enough solder to flow around the spade. It's easy to use too much or hold the iron on too long. I use a tool like a dental pick to clean out the melted plastic from the eyelet.
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I see problems like that constantly in appliance repairing. (GE is a biggie) Cold solder joints.

In my picture...... I show wrapping a piece of wire around the two relay pins as well as the pins on that tab. Remove all the old solder from the tabbed pin foils and the relay pins. You can use the braid from old coax to wick up the solder. Those foils will be ok on the board. You need to use good solder 60/40 or similar. Must be resin core. I only use leaded solder but it can be tough to find Don't use any plumbing/acid core type solder.

I use #18 silver plated wire to do the wrapping. A piece of #18 solid thermostat wire works good too. I would highly recommend resoldering all the heavy tabbed terminal soldering connections as well as the relays. Don't be afraid of using too much heat. A 60w pencil iron works great. A soldering gun shouldn't be used. You must use enough heat for the solder to flow cleanly.

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