Old fuse box missing parts


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Old fuse box missing parts

Bought a house withbthenold fuse box. 2 of the mainnpull outs are missing and have searched everywhere. Ot is too cold in Massachusetts right now to shut my power down and upgrade to breakers. I believe the main pull outs that are missing are 240v everything but the water heater is running fine but no power going to waterheater at all. The top fuse pull outs dont fit in the bottom row. Looking for anyo e with suggestions on where i might find the correct main pull outs to fill those spaces. [img]My phone[/img]
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There aren't any antique electrical stores so eBay is your best bet.
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It is best to replace it with breaker panel.
If you cannot afford to hire electrician to do a full service upgrade, it might be possible to fit a temporary sub-panel to get things working for the time being.
I need picture of the fuse panel with out cover to tell.
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Welcome to the forums.

Some help on picture posting..... How-to-insert-pictures
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But you may not be able to post pictures from your phone. Best to send to your computer and post from there.
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Ot is too cold in Massachusetts right now to shut my power down and upgrade to breakers.

I'd consider running off a generator while I had an electrician upgrade the entire service.
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Most service upgrades can be completed in one working day, and even if not an electrician will probably have some temporary options available to keep the heat on.

If you really want the fuse box parts, try eBay. For me personally I threw all that stuff away out of my parts collection a few years ago. It's really too obsolete to work on in a professional way.
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Ar there any empty fuse spaces? A water heater can be run off two regular fuses. You don't need the stove block 30 amp water heater.

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