Low Voltage Patio Lights


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Wondering if anyone knows why my low voltage patio lights turn on and off randomly. Yes, randomly. They may remain on for hours, turn off for a second or two, then turn back on. Exactly like there was an internal thermal fuse, etc.

The lights in question here are the 7 volt light bulbs. There are 7 lights on the green power timer, which is the maximum number the transformer can handle, per manufacturers instructions and they are installed under the eves of the front patio. The company product is Intermatic.

The installation instructions claim that having the maximum number of lights works best, since it reduces the power to each bulb, therefore increasing the bulbs useful life. The unit came with 4 lights and I have added two extras as suggested in the owners manual.

The key point to consider is these lights have been install over 10 years ago, worked well until recently, never get wet, nor have they been taken down, moved etc. and have been maintained as needed.

Any ideas for the cause for this problem? If not, I may just have to replace the timer/transformer?

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Good idea you have there in replacing that transformer. It is common for older transformers to start breaking down. When this happens heat increases inside the transformer because that old got has to work harder. When it works hard enough and creates enough heat a thermal cutout installed within that transformer kicks of till it cools back within temp range settings. I would replace the transformer, should solve your problem.

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Hi: Wgoodrich

Thanks for your reply. You've confirmed my suspicions.

Considering the timer/transformer unit is well over 10 years old, I have received many 'moons' of trouble free service from the product, it's now time to replace the componet.

As a side bar note:
I also have 12 solar battery powered walkway lights by Intermatic that use common replaceable nickel cadium "AA" batteries. These lights work exceptionally well and it seems they will last a life time. Which means my kids will someday inherit them...

Once again, thanks.

I am in no way connected with this company nor financially compensated or invested in the Intermactic Company. They just happen to made exceptionally excellent quality products in my opinion...

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