Power Fault issues in newer home

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Power Fault issues in newer home

Quick history Iím a total noob when it comes to home electricity, and have been having some issues with a new house.

We built our first home in 2010 and I paid around $500 extra to upgrade both the amount of outlets and the power per room was basically nothing and Iíd never have to worry about it again. All outlets were 20amp and there were also some 30s or double 20s behind high power areas like our home theater, living room, and office. I never threw a breaker in 8 years there.

Moved to a new home about 9 months ago and although it was built in 2016 it seems the contractor spent TONS on stonework, beams, flooring, granite, cabinets, etc. He went what I would consider bare bones on the stuff you donít see.

basically every room is powered by a single 15amp circuit. The office and master thankfully have a bit more at 20 and critical things like washer dryer microwave ac have the requisite 20-40. This is a 3800 sq ft house and itís a single 200amp breaker box using 40/42 available slots.

Ive had the power go out in the home theater, currently just canít use it as once all is plugged in itís dead the second you turn it on. Both guest bedrooms have blown when you have the TV a phone charging and maybe one more thing comes on. Babyís room will blow with just a noise machine, baby monitor and then when the heater kicks on. Kitchen blows if you use something like an air fryer and ANY other single appliance.

Do I have many relatively inexpensive options? Itís a 5 bedroom 4 bath house and from conversations I had they just saved 1k and went a bit cheap. Seems very out of place for a 2016 build, but it was a stretch in cost for us so running all new stuff now that the walls are up seems like a stretch. Thought?

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Each bedroom on a 15A circuit is normal.
Master bed and office on 20A circuits is normal.

You need to understand the type of breakers you have on those circuits. If the breakers have a button on them then they are arc fault or ground fault type breakers. Typically for bedrooms you'd find an arc fault breaker.

Two heavy appliances on a kitchen circuit is a little different. By code, there should be at least two dedicated counter top receptacle circuits. If you happen to plug both appliances in the same circuit... it will trip. I'd identify which receptacles are on which circuit and use them accordingly.
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Personally I like to see all 20 amp receptacle circuits and 15 amp lighting circuits. You don't mention, but are your lighting and receptacles all on the same 15 amp circuits. 15 amps per room should be plenty of power for general use rooms. Surely when you had a home theatre room built you provided the load information of all the necessary equipment. Only once have I seen a new home wired with a single circuit for each room and that was done by an amateur.

Do I have many relatively inexpensive options?

I don't see too many inexpensive options. You need to have more circuits installed which I am guessing will involve a subpanel.

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