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I inherited an old belt sander from my grandfather. The cord is old and worn out and I want to replace it. The problem is the sander was made before they attached any ground wires to anything, so there is nowhere to directly attach the ground wire. Can I tie it in with the neutral line? The entire body (including the handle) is bare metal - can I attach it to the body? Is there a cord with a built in GFIC for items like this? Enquiring minds want to know!
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That old metal casing style saw would probably be made much safer if you installed the green grounding wire supplied with the new cord. I would find a screw in the handle possibly holding down the switch etc. that is in direct contact with the metal casing itself. Any way that you can connect that green wire to the metal case is better than what you had. Absolutely do not attach the green wire to any white or black wires. Just connect that green wire to the metal case itself in any manner you can.

Good Luck

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Thanks! I already had a new (3 wire) cord to put in the sander and when I took it apart I found there was no screw for the ground wire (which explained why the ground prong on the end of the cord had been clipped off). I knew the ground and neutral eventually tied together, but I was afraid I'd create a loop by tying them together in the cord. I also realized (after my post) that if they are tied together, that if I lost my neutral in the cord - I'd lose my ground too, since they're tied together! I was hesitant to tie the ground onto the body of the saw because if there was a short that made the current go to the ground, it might also go to whoever is holding the sander. But, then again, the current is going to find it much easier to go through the ground wire than through someone's body. Makes sense! I didn't know if they made fused cords or anything like that for old power tools like this that have no ground connection. Thanks for the info!

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