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I am installing a whole house fan in the attic. This house doesn't have any junction boxes in the attic. And the wall fish to the service panel in the garage would be a real job. I have some electical lines in the attic, but I'm not sure if they are after the switch for the lights. I opened up the a light switch box on the curcuit and tested the amp load with a meter and it reads .43 amps. The fan needs 8 amps. Can I install a junction box in the attic if the line is not at the end of the line? I think that the line comes off of the light switch in the beroom on its way to the next light switch for a different light. And the beaker that feeds this run is 15 amp.
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You really should get your fan it's own dedicated circuit. If fishing it down thru your house is out, then go outside and down in PVC pipe. This can be made to look neat.
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Good Idea


Thats for the idea. There is an unused conduit that exits the main service on the side of the garage. I will use it to get outside and run a new piece to the attic. I have a few questions though, should I use a 20 amp or a 15 amp breaker? Do I need to use outside wire or will romex work?

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ok Joe, let's get the good book out here...

Art 422-10 (a) kicks us into 430, part B
430-22 basic rule says x 125%, so 8 amps x 125%= 10 amps.

so you could do this on #14 wire, and a 15 A breaker, assuming that 430-42(a) is met ( it's not over 1 hp)

this is assuming you have no long wire runs ( usually 200' is where my V-drop calc's are pertinent)

Outside runs of wire,even in pipe, are by rights suppose to be rated for damp locations, so you would need to use UF, or THWN, or similar rated conductors.


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Just my 2 cents...

Right after I bought my home I gave it a thorough going over, and could not see where one of the gutter downspouts drained. A closer look revealed it led to the A/C unit. An even closer look revealed it did not go to the gutter. The A/C installers used a length of downspout to hide the lines from the A/C unit outside to the handler in the attic, and since it was in close proximity to the gutter, it blended in very nicely.

I thought that this was a clever idea, certainly more appealing than conduit. Perhaps it could be used in your situation?
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Red face

So you're saying the HVAC installers used a gutter downspout to protect the wires to your AC unit?

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