Wiring In-wall light timer


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Talking Wiring In-wall light timer

I know they want you to scour the zillion topics looking for an answer but I'm 76 and don't have that much time. 😀. I'm replacing a wall timer for outside lights. I have an Intermatic timer - pretty simple one (or should be).

The timer has a black, blue, red, and green wire. The junction box in the wall looks like a can of worms. There is a normal light switch in the box that is next to the timer that controls entry lights.

What came from/to the old timer was a black (hot), red (?), white (? common?) and a green (ground). See, I'm not totally stupid and I did install the old time along time ago and have long since forgotten what I may have learned back then.

In the box/wall, I have two white wires in the same wire nut (common I assume) one black (hot) and two other blacks that seem to go together in the wire nut that when touched to the hot black turns the light on. (Yes, the dummy does play with live wires to find out what is hot).

Now, I'm going to guess on this but I assume the black wire from the timer connects to the hot black in the wall.

The green is obviously the ground - I know where that goes.

I have two wires left from the timer - one blue and one red. What the heck do I do with those?

I know, I should leave this to a professional but over the many years of me diving headlong into stuff that I don't completely understand has made life more interesting.

Any advice is gratefully received.
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Welcome to the forums.

New timer..... black, blue, red, and green wire. The red or blue will be load. The other will be for three way use and not be used..... cap it off.

On your old timer should have been two black wires connected together..... those would be hot
The wire that was on red goes to load of new timer.
White to white. Green to green.

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