Identifying circuit breakers through outlets

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Identifying circuit breakers through outlets

Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to determine which outlets in a building (home, apartment, office, etc) belong to which circuit breakers? I know there is a plug device that is paired with a gun like device that helps with this. And there is also the old fashioned way of turning things on, then shutting off the breakers and taking note. I was hoping there was a way that didn't involve going back and forth between the breaker and the room you are checking. Is this something that is possible?
I'm curious because I know that flood restoration businesses use heaters and fans that have 3-4 inlets built in. But, in order to get the proper power to these without tripping a breaker, you would need to essentially have cords run from outlets that belong to different breakers.
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Hi, there circuit tracers available, unfortunately some work better than others, I have a 3 M older model that works most of the time. Quite expensive, here is one of many options.
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i found one similar for abt half that price on Amazon
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I just use a long extension cord and a trouble light. (Others use a line voltage radio.) Just flip 15a single pole breakers till the light goes out. If nothing move on to single pole 20a. Finally try the double pole and handle tied 15 and 20 amp breakers.
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The only to avoid going back and forth is to have a helper.
Or plug in a radio and turn it up loud. Then you can hear when it goes off without going back and forth.
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on the loud radio.

When the radio shuts off...... check the nearby receptacles.
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The only reasonable way is have two people with cell phones or walkie talkies, and go from outlet to outlet. It's quick and reliable. As you go from outlet to outlet you can tag the breaker number to the outlet or make a drawing as you go along.
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I vaguely recall that my electrical-engineer uncle had a home-made RF tone generator-
1) unscrew the fuse (yep the days of screw-in-fuses)
2) put fresh batteries into the contraption and connect the alligator clip to the now disconnected hot wire
3) turn on a battery powered transistor radio (forget whether AM or FM) and you could find the wiring by sweeping the transistor radio antenna across the wall like metal detector.

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